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  • When will my first box ship?
    We will ship is as soon as we receive your subscription. If the order come close to the next month topic, we will send you the next month topic. example: You order is done on Nov 27th, you will receive the December topic.
  • How often & when will I get this box?
    Depending on your subscription, you will receive a box every month.
  • What if I want to buy a box from past or future monts?
    You can find past'months boxes in the catalogue of products
  • Do the boxes come with ingredient information so we can make the dish again?
    Yes, you will find separated products in our website, you can buy them separately to make your Mexican dish again.
  • What's in the box?
    Mostly a surprise. But you can expect a different box every month. We take recipes and ingredients considering the season, traditions and culture. You will receive steps how to cook the ingredients and interesting information about Mexico.
  • Does the box contain any products that will spoil or go bad that I need to open right away?
    We do not include perishable items. We will give the name of the fresh ingredients that you need to complement the recipe, so you can cook it when you wish.
  • What if an item in my box is damaged?
    Before you do anything, take a photo of the damaged product (we need this for our records & to offer you a replacement!). We do not offer replacements without proof of damage. Email us at
  • How do I update my address?
    Email us OR Sign in to your account; Click "EDIT" under Your Subscriptions; Click "CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION"
  • Where is Mexabox shipping?
    We are located in Estonia, but we are sending boxes all over Europe. Prices: Itella (Box) 3,00 €/box+VATDPD (BOX) 3,00 €/box+VATFastkuller (door to door) 8 €/box+VATDPD (door to door) 8 €/box+VAT EU countries DPD (box) 8 € - 50 €/box+VAT DPD (door to door) 25 € - 120 €/box+VAT Depending on the weight and dimensions. Exact shipping is calculated with your order.
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