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Mexican Enmoladas Box

Mexabox  for 1-4 persons 


Bake delicious mexican food in your own home or event with Mexabox! The easy, step by step instructions, in combination with mexican ingredients, makes a perfect mexican culinarian experience. 


  • Mexican ingridients are  included
  • Video Tutorials; instructions available


This box is inspired by April month when Mexico is celebrated the "Semana Santa", or in english " Holy week It was the idea of the Catholic Church, as a way of explaining the story of the Passion of Christ to non-religious folk. And the mexican mole was one of the dishes that was during a religion visit.


There are several legends about the origin of mole. One is that the nuns at the Convent of Santa Rosa is Puebla were in a lather about the visit of the archbishop. They rustled up what ingredients they had on hand and dumped it all in a pot to simmer. They killed the old turkey wandering around the yard too. When the archbishop arrived, they served poor ol’ Tom turkey smothered in the sauce made from leftovers. When asked, the nuns declared that they had made “mole” (a mix).

Then there is the legend that the monk Fray Pascual invented the dish, again to serve to the archbishop, or maybe it was the viceroy, there seem to be several versions. While the monk was preparing the meal, a sudden wind knocked over the spices into the pots where the turkey was simmering magically creating mole.

Mexican Enmoladas Box

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