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Mayan Calendar birth chart reading

Unlock the secrets of your soul with a Mayan Calendar birth chart reading.

  • 30 min
  • 25 euros
  • Easter Central Europe Time

Service Description

*Discover your cosmic destiny with the ancient wisdom of the Mayans. *Unlock the secrets of your soul with a Mayan Calendar birth chart reading. *Your birth date reveals more than you think. Find out what the Mayans knew about you. The Mayan Calendar is more than a prophecy. It’s a map to your true self. Learn how to align with the cosmic cycles and live your best life with a Mayan Calendar birth chart reading. The Mayan calendar is a perfect tool that the Mayan ancestors left us to count the time of mother earth around the sun and planetary movements, its perfection not only leads us to walk with mother earth for 365 days, but it leads us to an introspection day by day, of what is inside us, and gives us another form and perception of what surrounds us, of the people, our partner, nature, natural phenomena, the city or the continent where we live. By introducing yourself to the use and understanding of the Mayan calendar you will find that you are not a mere human, that you are a great Divine spiritual being, a great cosmic and universal being. The handling and use of the Mayan calendar in our daily life is a way to move to another dimension and vibrational frequency, by proposing themes of daily meditation and reflection, really the Mayan calendar is something that moves the energy and consciousness of people to another level. To know the energies that were manifested on the day you were born, their interpretation and the meditations proposed to understand your life experience, you only need to send us your date of birth. More than an oracle, the reading of your birth chart of the Mayan Calendar is a tool for inner self-knowledge that will help you to know more about your presence, your path and your interrelation with life.

Contact Details

  • Estonia puiestee, Tallinn, Estonia

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